Ambridge residents, residences and owners. 

as at 1/1/2017

Ambridge Hall
Owned by: Robert and Lynda Snell
Living there: Lynda Snell, Robert Snell

Ambridge View
Owned by: Susan Carter, Neil Carter
Living there: Neil Carter, Susan Carter

April Cottage
Owned by: Kathy Perks
Living there: Jamie Perks, Kathy Perks

Arkwright Hall
Owned By: The Landmark Trust
Holiday Accommodation

The Barn Conversions (number unknown)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Blossom Hill Cottage 
Owned by: Usha Franks
Bridge Farm
Owned by: Pat and Tony Archer
Living there: Helen Archer, Henry Archer, Jack Archer, Pat Archer, Tony Archer

Owned by: Brookfield Farm Limited
Living there: Ben Archer, David Archer, Jill Archer, Josh Archer, Ruth Archer

Brookfield Bungalow
Owned by: Brookfield Farm Limited
Living there: Rex Fairbrother, Toby Fairbrother, Bert Fry

The Bull
Owned by: 51% Lilian Bellamy, other shareholders Jolene Archer and Jamie Perks
Living there: Jolene Archer, Kenton Archer

The Dower House
Owned by: Justin Elliott 
Living there: Lilian Bellamy, Justin Elliott

The Flat Over The Village Shop
Owned by: Hazel Woolley
Unoccupied as far as we know

Glebelands (seven houses)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Grange Farm 
Owned by: Oliver Sterling
Living there: Clarrie Grundy, Eddie Grundy, Ed Grundy, Emma Grundy, Joe Grundy, Keira Grundy, George Grundy, and Holly-the-Dog (renting)

Glebe Cottage
Owned by: Jill Archer
Living there: Carol Tregorran (renting)

Grange Spinney (ten houses)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: The Thwaites, among others

1, The Green
Owned by: Will Grundy
Living there: Johnny Archer, Tom Archer, Hannah Riley

3, The Green
Owned by: Amside Property
Living there: unknown. Possibly unoccupied.

6, The Green
Owned by: a housing association
Living there: Bert Horrobin, Brad Horrobin, Chelsea Horrobin, Gary Horrobin, Tracy Horrobin (renting)

Greenacres (previously The Old Police House)
Owned by: Jim Lloyd
Living there: Jim Lloyd, Jazzer McCreary

Greenwood Cottage (previously Casa Nueva, and before that Greg's Cottage, and before that Sammy Whipple's Cottage and called something else)
Owned by: Brian Aldridge/Home Farm
Living there: George Grundy (some days) Jake Grundy some of the time, Mia Grundy, Poppy Grundy, Will Grundy

Grey Gables 
Owned by: Caroline and Oliver Sterling
No Ambridge-based residents at present

Hillside Four flats?
Owned by: Amside Property
occupiers unknown

Hollowtree Flats (number unknown) (previously Allard's Farm)
Owned by: unknown

Home Farm 
Owned by: Brian Aldridge
Living there: Brian Aldridge, Jennifer Aldridge, Kate Aldridge, Phoebe Aldridge, Ruairi Donovan

Home Farm Cottage — 1, The Rookeries, aka The Nest 
Owned by: Alice Carter
Living there: Alice Carter, Christopher Carter

Home Farm Cottage — 2, The Rookeries
Owned by: Kate Madikane
Rented out, allegedly. 

Home Farm Cottage — 3, The Rookeries
Owned by: debatable. Should be Jennifer Aldridge
Holiday cottage

Honeysuckle Cottage 
Owned by: Ian Craig, Adam Macy
Living there: Ian Craig, Adam Macy

Keeper's Cottage 
Owned by: Hazel Woolley
Living there: Richard Locke (renting)

The Lodge 
Owned by: Peggy Woolley
Living there: Christine Barford, Peggy Woolley

Lower Loxley Hall 
In trust for Freddie Pargetter
Living there: Lewis Carmichael, Elizabeth Pargetter, Freddie Pargetter, Lily Pargetter
Mr and Mrs Titcombe in a cottage in the grounds.

Manor Court 
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Manorfield Close (twelve bungalows, one small house)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Nightingale Farm 
Owned by: either Matt Crawford or Amside Property. If still the former, where do they pay the rent? Living there: Silents who rent it.

Rickyard Cottage 
Owned by: Brookfield Limited
Living there: Pip Archer, Rosie Ruth Archer

The Stables (previously Onemonoma, originally Barratt's Farm)
Owned by: Alistair Lloyd, Shula Hebden Lloyd
Living there: Alistair Lloyd, Shula Hebden Lloyd, Dan Hebden Lloyd when in Ambridge

The Vicarage (previously the Surgery, previously the New Vicarage, not to be confused with the old vicarage, which was Victorian; this one is a 1960s bungalow)
Owned by: The Church Commission
Living there: Alan Franks, Usha Franks

Willow Cottage 
Sold to unknown silents by Mike and Vicky Tucker

Willow Farm 
Owned by: Hayley Tucker, Roy Tucker
Living there: Kirsty Miller, Roy Tucker
Previously: Phoebe Aldridge, Abbie Tucker, Hayley Tucker, Roy Tucker 

Woodbine Cottage 
Owned by: Harrison Burns and Fallon Rogers
Living there: Harrison Burns, Fallon Rogers

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