Ambridge residents, residences and owners. 

as at 1/4/2023

Ambridge Hall
Owned by: Robert and Lynda Snell
Living there: Lynda Snell, Robert Snell

Ambridge View
Owned by: Susan Carter, Neil Carter
Living there: Neil Carter, Susan Carter

April Cottage
Owned by: Kathy Perks
Living there: Natasha and Tom Archer (renting)

Arkwright Hall
Owned By: The Landmark Trust
Holiday Accommodation

The Barn Conversions (number unknown)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Beechwood – eighteen-house development at Bridge Farm
Owned by: various, after being built by Damara
Living there: Eustace or possibly Ebenezer; Helen Archer, Henry Archer, Jack Archer and Lee Bryce; Joy Horville; Kyle and Sara; Marylin; Wesley and Bernadette; Julian Lloyd Jones; others

Blossom Hill Cottage
Owned by: Usha Franks
Living there: Brian Aldridge
Previously: in order, Mike Daly, various tenants including John Tregorran, Peggy Archer (now Woolley); Usha Franks; Jim Lloyd; two anonymous teachers; Helen and Rob Titchener with Henry Archer; Anisha Jayakody

Bridge Farm
Owned by: Pat and Tony Archer
Living there: Pat Archer, Tony Archer

Owned by: Brookfield Farm Limited
Living there: David Archer, Jill Archer, Ruth Archer

Brookfield Bungalow
Owned by: Brookfield Farm Limited
Living there: Stella Pryor (renting)

The Bull
Owned by: 51% Lilian Bellamy, other shareholders Jolene Archer and Jamie Perks
Living there: Jolene Archer, Kenton Archer

Bull Farm
Owned by: Jean and Charles Harvey
Living there: Jean and Charles Harvey

The Dower House
Owned by: Justin Elliott 
Living there: Lilian Bellamy, Justin Elliott, Ruby-the-dog

The Flat Over The Village Shop
Owned by: Hazel Woolley
Living there: Chris Carter, and Martha Carter much of the time

Glebelands (seven houses between the Green and the Am)
Owned by: various 
Living there: Pat and Derek Fletcher, Fleur and Archie Button with Molly, Tilly and Billy

Glebe Cottage
Owned by: Jill Archer
Living there: Carol Tregorran (renting)

Grange Farm 
Owned by: Oliver Sterling
Living there: Clarrie Grundy, Eddie Grundy, George Grundy some of the time, Poppy Grundy, Will Grundy and probably Holly-the-Dog and Will's dog Kai (all renting), and Oliver Sterling

Grange Spinney (ten houses)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: The Thwaites, among others

1, The Green
Owned by: Will Grundy
Living there: Hannah Riley, Johnny Phillips

3, The Green
Owned by: Amside Property
Living there: unknown

6, The Green
Owned by: a housing association
Living there: Bert Horrobin, Brad Horrobin, Chelsea Horrobin, Tracy Horrobin, Jazzer McCreary (renting)

Greenacres (previously The Old Police House)
Owned by: Jim Lloyd
Living there: Alistair Lloyd, Jim Lloyd

Greenwood Cottage (previously Casa Nueva, and before that Greg's Cottage, and before that Sammy Whipple's Cottage and called something else)
Owned by: Brian Aldridge/Home Farm
Living there: Unknown gamekeeper

Grey Gables
Owned by: 40% Oliver Sterling, 60% unknown fronted by Adil Shah
Living there: nobody while it is refurbished

Hillside Four flats?
Owned by: Amside Property
Occupiers unknown

The Hobbit; one of the Home Farm Cottages (previously one of The Rookeries)
Owned by: Chris Carter
Living there: Jakob Hakansson 
(Both previously Kate Madikane)

Hollowtree Flats (number unknown) (previously Hollowtree Farmhouse, previously Allard's Farm)
Owned by: unknown
Occupiers unknown

Home Farm 
Owned by: The Gills
Living there: presumably The Gills (a silent family)

Honeysuckle Cottage 
Owned by: Ian Craig, Adam Macy
Living there: Ian Craig, Adam Macy, Alexander Macy Craig

Keeper's Cottage 
Owned by: Hazel Woolley
Living there: Richard Locke (renting)

Little Grange Mobile Home
Owned by: Emma (and possibly Ed) Grundy
Living there: Ed Grundy, Emma Grundy, George Grundy, Keira Grundy

The Lodge 
Owned by: Peggy Woolley
Living there: Peggy Woolley with her cat Hilda Ogden, Kate Archer (lodger)

Lower Loxley Hall 
In trust for Freddie Pargetter
Living there: Lewis Carmichael, Elizabeth Pargetter, Freddie Pargetter
Mr and Mrs Titcombe (Edgar and Eileen) in a cottage in the grounds.

Manor Court 
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Manorfield Close (twelve bungalows, one small house)
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

The Nest; one of the Home Farm Cottages (previously one of The Rookeries)
Owned by: Home Farm partnership 
Living there: Alice Carter, and Martha Carter some of the time

Nightingale Farm 
Owned by: unknown
Living there: unknown

Rickyard Cottage 
Owned by: Brookfield Limited
Living there: Pip Archer, Rosie Ruth Grace Archer

The Rookery; one of the Home Farm Cottages (previously one of The Rookeries)
Owned by: Home Farm partnership
Holiday cottage, allegedly. 

Serendipity; a narrowboat on the Am
Owned by: possibly Rex Fairbrother, otherwise unknown
Living there: Rex Fairbrother

The Stables (previously Onemonoma, previously Barratt's Farm, originally Sixpenny Farm)
Owned by: possibly Alistair Lloyd, Shula Hebden Lloyd
Living there: Josh Archer, Paul Mack, Lily Pargetter (renting)

The Vicarage (previously the Surgery, previously the New Vicarage, not to be confused with the old vicarage, which was Victorian; this one is a 1960s bungalow)
Owned by: The Church Commission (? or Matt Crawford; he wasn't heard to sell it)
Living there: Alan Franks, Usha Franks

Willow Cottage 
Owned by: Ralph and Alison Kemp

Willow Farm 
Owned by: Hayley Tucker?, Roy Tucker
Living there: Kirsty Miller (renting a room), Roy Tucker
Previously: Abbie Tucker, Hayley Tucker, Phoebe Tucker, Lexi Victorova 

Woodbine Cottage
Owned by: Harrison Burns and Fallon Rogers
Living there: Harrison Burns, Fallon Rogers

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