Residents of Blossom Hill Cottage from 1952 onwards.

Blossom Hill Cottage was owned by Squire Lawson-Hope until 1952, and who lived in it is unknown except that it is said in The Book of The Archers that Peggy and Jack Archer lived there for a while in late 1951-2; Usha Gupta once planned to try to find out more, but she never got round to it.

It was bought by Mike Daly in 1952. Mike (a spy) was called back to active service in September of that year.

Blossom Hill Cottage was then let to Marjorie Butler (a poultry girl of Phil's) at the end of 1952 and into 1953.

John Tregorran bought or rented it (bought seems likely) from Mike at some time in the fifties or sixties; he arrived in the village in 1954 but did not move into Blossom Hill Cottage immediately.

It was let to Roger Travers-Macy in 1966 while Roger was working in the shop in Borchester which Roger eventually bought from John. Jennifer Travers-Macy moved in with Roger to the flat over the business when they married in 1968, and at that time Blossom Hill Cottage became their weekend cottage.

Roger and Jennifer decided in 1970 not to keep Blossom Hill Cottage, having completely moved with their two children (Adam and Debbie) into the flat over the bookshop.

Ralph and Lilian Bellamy bought Blossom Hill Cottage in 1971 but did not live there; they let it to Peggy Woolley, and after Ralph's death in January 1980 Lilian continued the arrangement.

After Peggy moved into The Lodge with Jack Woolley in 1991, Blossom Hill Cottage stood empty until 1994, when it was sold to Usha Gupta.

When Usha moved into The Vicarage with Alan Franks in August 2008 she had trouble letting Blossom Hill Cottage at first because it was full of Alan's furniture, but once she had disposed of that (somewhat against Alan's wishes) she was able to let it to Jim Lloyd in January 2009. He stayed until he moved into Greenacres at the beginning of March 2010.

Usha Franks then let Blossom Hill Cottage to two teachers, who stayed until one of them lost his job and they could no longer afford to remain in Ambridge.

In January 2013 Usha Franks let Blossom Hill Cottage to Rob Titchener, at first in the expectation that his wife Jess would join him there, and later to Rob with Helen and Henry Archer when they moved in on 5th February, 2014. She gave him notice to quit on 23rd September 2016 and he moved out on 18th November, 2016.

In December 2016 Usha arranged to let Blossom Hill Cottage to Anisha Jayakoday, Alistair Lloyd's new veterinary partner; she moved in after Christmas that year and left the village again on 27th July, 2018.

There was at least one unnamed tenant between July 2018 and March 2023, and the house was redecorated more than once.

The present tenant of Blossom Hill Cottage, as of 26th March, 2023, is Brian Aldridge.

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