The ownership of The Bull as a Free House.

Sam Saunders had been the licensee of The Bull for twenty years before Jack and Peggy Archer took over the licence in 1952. About a year later the brewery discovered that Jack was getting very obviously drunk behind the bar, and insisted that Peggy must become sole licensee.

In 1959 Jack and Peggy bought The Bull from Stourhampton Breweries for £5,300. Aunt Laura (Frank Archer's rich widow, from New Zealand) lent them £4,000, which they paid back over the next few years. Whether Jack was then able to become licensee again is unclear.

In 1964 Laura Archer made Jack and Peggy a gift of £30,000, of which some was put into trust for their three children, £3000 invested in Ambridge Farmers to buy a new milking parlour, and some used to build a dining extension for The Bull with a flat above it for Aunt Laura to live in, which she did for a few months in 1964-5 before buying Barratt's Farm (previously Sixpenny Farm) and renaming it Onemomona. (This property is now "The Stables".)

In 1972, after Jack Archer's death, Peggy Archer decided that running the pub alone was too much for her, and employed Sid and Polly Perks to manage it. After Polly's death in February 1982 Sid ran it alone, and later with the help of Kathy Holland, whom he married in April 1987.

In 1993 Peggy Archer (now Peggy Woolley) sold The Bull to Sid and Kathy Perks, and, since they were unable to raise the full price of £250,000 alone, Guy Pemberton came in as a sleeping partner, taking a one-third share. The rest of the sum was raised using their assets and a mortgage.

In November 2000 Caroline Pemberton, who had inherited Guy's share in The Bull, was asked by Sid Perks and Jolene Rogers to buy a larger share in order to pay Kathy's divorce settlement, and in exchange for the £60,000 she put in to pay off Kathy she required a majority shareholding, 51%, instead of the 50% Sid had originally offered her. The Bull was then valued at £300,000.

In May 2006 Caroline (now Sterling) sold her 51% holding in The Bull to Lilian Bellamy in order to pay for the purchase of Grey Gables from Jack Woolley.

In June 2010 Sid Perks died, and left his shares in the pub to Jolene Perks, apart from "some shares for Jamie" (Jamie Perks, his son from Kathy) by Jolene's account of his will. We were not told how large Jamie's holding was to be.

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