Visits between Ambridge and Prudhoe from 1996 to 2015.

At Christmas 1993 David, Ruth and the not-quite-toddler Pip spent a week with Solly and Heather in Prudhoe.

In 1999 Ruth, David and their two children went to Prudhoe for Christmas but not the New Year.

On 19th September 2000 Ruth went to Prudhoe to visit her parents and have some rest after her mastectomy, returning on 2nd October 2000.

Those are the visits to Prudhoe recorded between Pip's birth and Solly's death.

Ruth (and Ben) went to her mother after Solly died, on 30th October, 2002, and the family (including Phil and Jill) went up to Prudhoe for two days for Solly's funeral on 5th November, going home on 6th leaving Ruth and the infant Ben with her mother until 13th.

After that and before Heather became ill, Ruth on her own visited Heather once, with great kafuffle and discussion, for Ruth's fortieth birthday on the weekend of 13th-16th June 2008 (on which occasion she and Heather got on each other's nerves — or at least Heather had got on Ruth's).

Given the fuss that was made about that visit before, during and after it, the idea that Ruth visited Heather on any other occasion without anything being said about it seems unlikely. Nor have we heard on air that part or all of the Archer family ever visited Prudhoe for part or all of any Christmas or Easter, nor have they ever been mentioned as going there during the school holidays, so it is anyone's guess how Pip was apparently familiar with the inside of the house in Prudhoe before Heather had died; Pip then talked about where a picture had hung there but as far as we've heard, the only time she was in that house before the funeral was for two days when she was nine.

On 29th June 2012 Heather in Prudhoe was to be used as an indefinite dumping-ground for Josh and Ben while Farmageddon was going on, and was then unused again when Kenton drove Ruth back up to fetch them on 5th July.

Apart from these few occasions, there seems no evidence that anyone from Brookfield ever visited Prudhoe, and every reason (since the very idea was not mentioned) to think that none of them did. David, Ruth and the children were living at Brookfield from 2001, and going to Prudhoe simply was not part of the routine of their lives since moving there.

Application to Lowfield shows the following visits from Prudhoe to Ambridge:

Heather visited Brookfield with Solly in July 1999 and again for Christmas and New Year 1999.

Heather came alone in June 2000 to look after Ruth when she was hospitalised with cancer, and again in November 2000.

Heather was at Brookfield just after Christmas 2001 and until 4th January 2002, with the silent Solly.

Heather came alone for Easter 2002, to look after Ruth when she had Ben. Heather and Solly came back for the day to go to Ben's christening in May 2002.

At the end of October 2002 Solly died suddenly, and Ruth both went to Prudhoe to be with her mother, and invited her to stay at Brookfield; Heather was in Ambridge for December and stayed over Christmas, not going home until March 2003 (she declined the kind offer of the Bungalow).

Heather came to Ambridge in February 2005, and then again for Easter that year, and then again for Christmas 2005.

Heather came for Christmas in 2007, going home on 3rd January 2008.

Heather came down for Phil's funeral in February 2010.

Heather came to Ambridge for Easter in 2013.

In April 2014 Heather came down to look after Ruth when she had a miscarriage, and in September 2014 Ruth started to be Worried about Heather because she'd had a hip replacement. (At this point Ruth decided that Heather was no longer able to look after herself, in spite of the fact that she was and that the hospital were happy about her doing so and in fact sent her home, so from then on it was clear that Heather was going to die in the fairly immediate future.)

Heather came to Ambridge for Easter in 2015, so she wasn't as much of a hopeless invalid as Ruth was by then making her out to be. Unfortunately she had a stroke at home on 5th June, 2015, and was subsequently institutionalised by her daughter, and never allowed by that daughter even to consider living in her own home again.

Heather died on her way to Brookfield (where she was to be put into an upstairs room, so suitable because she was unable to manage stairs and could thus be kept out of the way) on 28th September 2015.

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