People who had cause before the stabbing to dislike/mistrust Rob Titchener

(but never said anything against him in public until after Helen had stabbed him)

Adam (heard him being homophobic; victim of his blackmail)
Alistair (knew about the hunt observer)
Brian (had to deal with him at work, knew about the account-fiddling)
Carol (had a gut feeling about him, which she took as a reason)
Caroline (knew about the hunt observer)
Charlie (knew about his dodgy dealings at Berrow and about the culvert, also his homophobia; victim of his blackmail)
Clarrie (surely had the accounts of all her menfolk about him)
David (knew about the culvert)
Ed (threatened by him at least twice)
Eddie (treated in a threatening way by him)
Emma (was given the bum's rush from his house, was his butt about the café)
Fallon (was his butt about the café)
Harrison (witnessed his aggressive behaviour at least twice, and was told about Kenton being spiked and hijacked)
Helen (had umpteen instances of his abusive behaviour by then)
Ian (knew about his homophobia, also his tattling about Adam; had hit him over Helen)
Jazzer (knew about the spiking and hijacking of Kenton)
Jennifer (saw his behaviour at Jess's party; knew about his blocking the culvert; knew the trouble he made for Adam)
Jill (was present when he attacked Jim for the second time)
Jim (twice the butt of his vicious ill-humour)
Joe (treated in a threatening way by him, and knew about his threats to Ed)
Johnny (saw Rob's bad side more than once)
Jolene (knew about the spiking and hijacking of Kenton)
Kenton (spiked, hijacked, and threatened with prosecution over a practical joke)
Kirsty (saw through his "charm" pretty-much ever since Jess arrived, or even sooner)
Lynda (more than once heard him being offensive)
Neil (knew about him being offensive to Susan)
Pat (gut feeling, plus awareness of his dealings with her family)
Peggy (saw his reaction to her changing of her will so Helen would no longer inherit a house)
Ruth (gut feeling, which she voiced early on)
Shula (saw him punch the hunt observer unprovoked)
Susan (was the butt of his offensiveness over the sparkler incident)
Tom (aware of his duplicity about the cattle, feed and so on, also uneasy about Helen)
Tony (spoken to aggressively by him repeatedly)
Will (noted that he'd cheated when Rob was being praised for winning the cricket match)

There were also all the spectators of the cricket matches at which he had loud rows with other players, and at least three cricket teams who knew he cheated, none of whom appear to have said anything about it.

Some of the people mentioned did say something in private: Shula to Caroline and to Alistair, Ed to Joe, David and Jennifer to each other, Carol to Bert, Kenton to Jolene; none said anything in public except Will, and that was in a conversation with his father in The Bull, not to a wider audience. As far as we ever heard, Charlie, Adam and Ian never said anything about their misgivings to each other, nor Alistair, Shula and Jim who were sharing a house, nor David and Ruth and Jill who were also sharing a house, nor Fallon and Harrison, nor Jennifer and Brian, nor Tom and any of his family.

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