Single wicket dates and winners.

1994, Monday 30th May, John Archer won

1995, Monday 29th May, John Archer won

1996, Monday 27th May, Roy Tucker won

1997, Monday 26th May, Richard Locke won

1998, Monday 25th May, Sean Myerson won

1999, Monday 31st May, Tommy Archer won

2000, Sunday 28th May, William Grundy won

2001, cancelled because of Foot and Mouth

2002, Sunday 30th June, Tommy Archer won

2003, Sunday 8th June, Alistair Lloyd won

2004, Sunday 23rd May, Adam Macy won

2005, Sunday 26th June, Neil Carter won

2006, Sunday 11th June, Christopher Carter won

2007, cancelled because of flooding

2008, Sunday 8th June, David Archer won

2009, Monday 25th May, Brenda Tucker won, Tom Archer second

2010, Monday 31st May, Harry Mason won, Tom Archer second

2011, Monday 30th May, Christopher Carter won, Neil Carter second

2012, Sunday 10th June, Jamie Perks won

2013, Monday 27th May, Rob Titchener won, Ed Grundy second

2014, Sunday 8th June, Daniel Hebden Lloyd won, Roy Tucker second

2015, Monday 25th May, Rob Titchener won, Toby Fairbrother second

2016, Monday 30th May, Johnny Phillips won, Tom Archer second

2017, Monday 29th May, Christopher Carter won, Ruairi Donovan second

2018, Sunday 27th May, Alistair Lloyd won, Anisha Jayakoday second

2019, Monday 27th May, Tom Archer won, Christopher Carter second

2020, cancelled for Covid-19

2021, cancelled for Covid-19

2022, was not held

2023, a twenty twenty match instead, teams captained by Tracy Horrobin and Tom Archer

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